Qui sotto troverai i risultati che il nostro progetto ha ottenuto finora. Se hai domande o vorresti partecipare al nostro progetto in qualche modocontattaci.

O1/A2 - Collection and Filtering of Background Material

We undertook desk research creating an online repository (Reference List) populated with material to be considered (studies, papers, conferences, workshops, case studies, etc.). This can be used by teachers or parents who want to do some further research in this topic.

One covers Online Profiling and the other Online Advertising.

O1/A5 - Comparative Analysis

This acts as an initial version of the Anemelo Handbook which includes the literature quotes, summaries, sources - per chapter. This document forms the theoretical embedding for the project’s handbook. The literature is presented per chapter in relevant quotes and summaries and by means of an overview of the sources that were to be used. The literature consists of scientific, popular scientific and journalistic content.

Manuale di progetto

Dai un’occhiata al nostro Manuale. È un “work in progress” che si basa sulla dottrina esistente:

O2 game StoryBoard

This document is the Game storyboard for students in age group 11 – 16 years old created within the project Augmented reality and new media against online promotion of unhealthy foods (ANEMELO). We created 2 games for the different age groups and therefore have 2 documents:

O2 Curriculum - Lesson Plans

The Lesson Plans provide teachers will structured lessons to use in class.


Qui trovi tutte le nostre newsletter dove trovare informazioni sui progressi del progetto e important aggiornamenti.  

Newsletter 1 - febbraio 2018

Newsletter 2 - giugno 2018; this can be read in English, Italian or Greek

Press Release

Here is our Press Release that was created to promote the project.